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Brand Tone of Voice

two people looking at two mobile phone devices

What is a brand tone of voice? A brand tone of voice is quite simply, how you speak to your audience. Having some guidance around tone of voice means that any contact you have with your audience sounds the same, no matter whether that contact is on your website, emails, over the phone or in…

What is Lifecycle Marketing?

Wall showing post it notes for customer journey

Every customer goes through a journey when they buy goods or services from a business. This is known as a lifecycle. Lifecycles can be one single transaction or years in length. There is no specific time parameters because every customer is unique in their journey and unique within your business. There are six life stages…

What is Email Marketing?

Laptop screen showing email inbox

The title says it all…. It’s Marketing you send through an email to your customers! Email is a channel that allows you to drop directly into a customers inbox, but it does mean that you have to have gathered their email address data and be storing it correctly. There are lots of benefits to Email…

Creative Brief Template

Working well with an agency means them becoming an extension your team. To do this, they’ll need to fully understand your brand, and the job in hand too – that’s why briefing external agencies is so important. Luckily, our Creative Brief Template includes all the information you need to get you started.