Brand Tone of Voice

What is a brand tone of voice?

A brand tone of voice is quite simply, how you speak to your audience.

Having some guidance around tone of voice means that any contact you have with your audience sounds the same, no matter whether that contact is on your website, emails, over the phone or in a presentation; even if it’s being written or delivered by different people.

As a customer, this makes your business feel like a strong, trusted organisation. Getting mixed messages from a brand is not a good customer experience and subconsciously makes you feel as though you’re unsure about that brand.

Determining how your brand speaks starts with who your brand is talking to – your audience. Who are these people and how do they want to be communicated with?

Let’s take newspapers as an example. The primary functions of newspapers is to deliver news, but their tone is entirely different depending on who they’re talking to. Imagine a broadsheet and a tabloid are telling the same story – whilst the information will largely be the same, the way it’s delivered will be entirely different.

So how do you want people to feel when they receive contact from your business and how do you want to portray yourselves?

  • Are you informative?
  • Jargon busting?
  • Technical?
  • Warm?
  • Friendly?
  • Conservative?
  • Humorous?

You can pick a few words to help shape that voice and these can be toned up or down depending on the type of content you’re producing and who you’re talking to at that time.

  • If you’re trying to portray that you’re a business that’s easy to deal with, you want your language to be simple and clear, warm and friendly.
  • If you’re jargon-busting on a particular subject, would that content be more easily digestible in bullet points or separate sections?

It all comes down to how you want people to feel when they interact with you and creating some simple guidelines that will ensure that no matter who is talking to your audience, it feels like it’s the same person. So try and pick out some key words or phrases that feel like your brand, and refer to these when you’re writing content.

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