Governance Structure

We’re going to talk today a bit about Governance Structures, what they are and why they are important. My only caveat to this is that you have to apply, edit it to the structure and size of your business. If you’re a one woman/man band then it’s likely you won’t need this. But if you work in business environment and manage a team, thinking about governance is important to ensure that the right information is filtering both up and down to stakeholders at the right time.

Governance, in other words is about establishing a process/policy to monitor implementation. Yawn fest! But in all honesty your business will run smoother with it. Governance doesn’t have to be strictly marketing you can apply these principles to any departments.

I believe that governance is easily represented in a simple diagram…

Governance Structure
Image 1

Meeting Best Practice

1. Agenda for each meeting will be circulated 24 hours in advance.

2.Meeting recaps will be circulated to participants within 48 hours.

To facilitate this outcome a key lead will be accountable for each

3.Weekly Status reports will be shared with relevant stakeholders

Internal working status report (Green, Yellow, Red) against all deliverables  (Milestones PLUS all line items).

4.Leverage your file system to ensure that all the relevant material is in one place, accessible by all i.e. one source of the truth.

Meeting Watch out: Don’t have meetings for the sake of it. Meet when there is an agenda and a clear goal.

So be on your way, get implementing this fabulous and easy structure for meetings!

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