SOSTAC Planning Model

What is SOSTAC?

SOSTAC is a Marketing model which can be used to assist in building Marketing plans that means it can be used for overall plans and strategies, as well as smaller topic areas and tactical Marketing.

It breaks down the planning process into six areas, starting with where you are now, through your plans and to how you’ll eventually measure them. Let’s take a look at those areas in more detail…

Situation – Where are we now?

This section is about showing where you are now and looking at what’s currently working or not working. For the areas where things aren’t working quite so well at the minute, think about what you can do to change them.

You can use a SWOT analysis to help identify any areas you’d like to improve as well as your current position and opportunities within the market.

Objectives – Where do we want to be?

It’s important to set out what it is you want to achieve, otherwise how will you you know if you got there? Think about what success looks like and what position you want to be in by the end of the time period.

For wider Marketing plans, you might want to focus on customer acquisition or retention, or increasing satisfaction amongst your audience.

For more tactical plans, you might want to focus on getting more social followers, a higher click through rate or more website traffic.

Just make sure you make your objectives SMART so that they’re as detailed as they can be and you can measure on them.

Strategy – How will we get there?

Use this section to think about how you’re going to achieve these objectives based on your Situational Analysis.

Think about who it is it you’re going to target and and what your value proposition is, so that you know what messages you’re going to be conveying to them.

Tactics – What is our plan to get there?

This is about the finer details of your plan. You already know what messages you’re going to be talking about and to who, but how will you do it? Think about all the channels and assets you have available to you and whether you can use them to achieve your objectives. The key here is around relevance, just because you have a channel doesn’t mean it’s right for your audience, challenge yourself.

Actions – How will we deliver our plan?

What actions will need to be taken to deliver your tactics? Add to your plan who is actually going to be doing those elements and when. It might be that you’ll need some additional support and resource in order to achieve your plan, how much will it cost? Etc.

Control – Did we get there?

The last section is about measurement and control. If your objectives were SMART, there’ll be some key metrics that you can measure against to track your progress.

It’s important to measure your activity regularly and often so you can make any changes you need to and be sure that your efforts are working.

And there you have it! A simple model that will help you get the foundations of your plan started and make sure you don’t miss anything. Happy Planning!

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