What are SMART Objectives and why do I need them?

SMART is an acronym that guides you with each part of an objective. You’ll find that consistently across all areas of marketing as well as your business as a whole that you require objectives; when you write your marketing plan, when your thinking about introducing a new channel, when writing your social media plan etc.

Having strong objectives will A) make you focus your efforts and B) allow you to really measure how far you’ve come.

We’ll take a look at some good and bad objectives and explain how SMART can help you.

Example of a bad objective (tut tut)

Make more revenue

Example of an OK objective (hmmm)

Make more revenue by increasing production hours

Using the SMART acronym you can sense check whether you have incorporated each letter/aspect in your objective. Let’s take a look at each letter and then how this translates to a great objective!

S – Specific

  • Be specific, don’t be vague with your objective.

M- Measureable

  • How will you know if you’ve met your objective or not without key measurements i.e. generate revenue. OR Generate £100K in revenue

A – Actionable

  • How are you going to achieve this goal. If you want to generate more revenue, how are you going to make this happen? Hope alone won’t deliver returns.

R – Realistic

  • There isn’t any point in setting a target you’ll achieve easily but neither is setting an impossible one. If it’s realistic for you business to generate £10,000 in revenue or £1M in revenue

T – Timely

  • In what timeframe do you want to achieve the goal and what period of time does the goal consider… a day, a month, a year?

Example of a great objective

  • Generate an additional £10,000 in revenue by expanding production hours and increasing stock availability by the end of 2019.
  • Launch website to enable online bookings and sales for our service by 20th April 2019, working to deliver 10% of the total revenue within 6 months of live.

It might take a little time to write your first few SMART objectives, but as you become more confident in the approach you’ll get faster.

Good luck, happy SMART objective writing.

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