What is Direct Mail and do I need it?

Direct Mail is when a marketing communication is sent directly to a customers home. There are different types of direct mail, just think about your own door mat for a moment…

Not addressed to you

Mail that’s been pushed through your door but the sender doesn’t know who you are… this could be a local business, takeaway promotions, charity recycling bags, a whole host of things you didn’t ask for. Most of us consider this junk mail.

Addressed to you

This is mail that been sent to you specifically. A wide range of types of mailing, it could be your bank statement, insurance renewal, election registry or your latest fashion catalogue, coupons from your supermarket, discounts on your next department store purchase.

The main difference is that one of the communications is invited and accepted by the customer, the other is slightly frown upon. Now, I’m not saying that ‘junk mail’ doesn’t work, it absolutely has its place. The important thing is to consider your whether Direct Mail is right for your marketing campaign.


  • Lands direct with the customer
  • Powerful single connection with customer
  • Measureable
  • Strong call to action can drive customers online
  • Can work as part of a multi channel strategy
  • Good at generating sales/leads
  • Delivers brand awareness


  • Costly
  • Response rates are typically lower than other channels
  • Can be seen as junk mail

Do you think your business needs Direct mail? 

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