What is Email Marketing?

The title says it all…. It’s Marketing you send through an email to your customers!

Email is a channel that allows you to drop directly into a customers inbox, but it does mean that you have to have gathered their email address data and be storing it correctly.

There are lots of benefits to Email Marketing, the customer has voluntarily given you their details, so they are expecting to hear from you, always a winner!

  • Your customer is expecting to hear from you – they already know your brand
  • It’s low cost
  • Email is fast
  • It’s measureable
  • Gives you a good ROI
  • Ability to link customers straight to your website

They’ll be two types of emails that land; see if you can spot them in your inbox…

Transactional based emails – these consist of:

  • Order confirmation
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Discounts
  • Sales  
  • Customer survey
  • Christmas opening hours

Relationship based emails – these consist of:

  • Brand messages
  • Early access or special offers available to only them
  • Loyalty messages
  • New products/ranges/services announcements
  • Happy Birthday
  • Seasonal messages

Emails are typically low cost to send and today’s technology means you don’t need to be a graphic designer or HMTL coder to send an email.

You can create email templates, a preset structure for each email you want to send. That way you don’t have to recreate the wheel every time you need to send.

There are also simple technologies that mean you can send triggered emails. These are triggered to you automatically once you do a set action. i.e. if you place an order online then you’ll get a email confirming you order, it happens almost instantly! There isn’t someone sat behind a computer waiting for you to order and send you the email, this is set up as a trigger.

When you’re thinking about your own email approach I’d always suggest that you think about your own inbox and what your receiving from companies you’ve shared your email address with and use these as inspiration.

Do you need Email Marketing?

The answer, is simple, yes! In today’s society customers expect emails of both transactional and relational to land in their inbox and if you’re not there you can bet that your competitors are.

There are some caveats though…

  • You have to collect and store customers data in accordance with regulations
  • Don’t bombard customers, decide on a frequency that makes sense for your brand/products… if you sell kitchens the chances are your customers don’t need to buy a new one from you a month after they’ve had one installed.
  • Make sure you have something to say, be in my inbox for a reason.
  • If a customer opts out you have to manage this correctly

Give it go 🙂

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